A Pettigrew & Pettigrew Land Services Enertia Data Entry and Data Conversion Project

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Pettigrew & Pettigrew Land Services was contracted for an Enertia data conversion and data entry project. This case study will detail what was needed, what was provided, what was done, and what the results were.

What was Needed?

A company had been managing their land data utilizing an Excel spreadsheet. They were moving to Enertia in their accounting department and wanted to use the land module of Enertia as well. They had no employees familiar with Enertia Land and needed a team to prepare the data for import to Enertia and then cleanup in Enertia after the data conversion.

What was Provided?

The land data spreadsheet and lease files were provided to Pettigrew & Pettigrew so that we could review the spreadsheet for expirations, PUGH clauses, and extensions. The Enertia software was also installed on the client’s network and Pettigrew & Pettigrew was provided remote access for reviewing the data conversion and performing data entry tasks.

What was Done?


Pettigrew & Pettigrew began by reviewing the existing data. There were over 5,700 leases and nearly 11,500 tracts to be poured through. After a review of the data only a little over 2,000 leases were found to be active or held by production. Some data had not been tracked in the spreadsheet in a way that could be imported, such as the approximately 300 wells associated with producing acreage in the spreadsheet. Associating tracts and leases with wells would be the first data entry task once the import into Enertia had occurred.

Customization for Import

Once needed corrections were identified and made, the spreadsheet needed to be modified to facilitate the import to Enertia. The data in the spreadsheet was “tract based” and the Enertia database was going to be “Lease Based,” this is a significant change to how data is organized. Special care would have to be taken when doing acreage calculations, evaluating expirations after the import, and calculating the client’s NRI.

Review of Imports

A data conversion is not a simple, “one and done” process; it will require more than one try. Pettigrew & Pettigrew would review the import, identify issues, report back to Enertia and the client, work through any data changes that were needed, and make note of items that would need to be “cleaned-up” during the data entry portion of the project.

The Results!

Once the Enertia data conversion was completed Pettigrew & Pettigrew was able to compare reports from the spreadsheet and accounting data to the new output from Enertia, showing the client that they now had a more accurate and reliable database capable of tracking all the same information as before, with improvements. The data entry items were reviewed and begun.

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Data conversations between any system, and data entry projects with an unfamiliar system are a lot for a company to handle. More than just a “data specialist” is needed, a lease analyst is essential to ensuring that data is not simply “shoved” into a land system and retains its accuracy and validity. Third-party consulting is often necessary so that the internal operations do not come to a halt. Pettigrew & Pettigrew Land Services is ready to handle your data conversion and data entry project to or from Enertia. info@pandplandservice.com 281-465-0276